Sights and Sounds

Did some digging around and found a few pictures lurking here and there…decided to share. Thanks to Ben Lehman for taking these shots last year at Sights and Sounds.  Come and join us this year as we host Caesar Sunday at the 2013 Hanover Sights and Sounds, July 28.

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Hanover Lions, The Forum May 11th

Just wanted to say thank you to the Hanover Lions and all those who helped organize the Elimination Dance last night at the P and H Center.  We had a good time performing and we hope everyone else had a great time too!  Thanks also to Memphis Mud who put on a beauty show.

Next Hanover show for The Castros is at the Forum on May 11th.

P and H Center

We’ll be blowin’ the doors off the P and H Center with Memphis Mud tomorrow night for the Lions Elimination Dance. Tickets are $25. Here’s a poster (click to enlarge):Preview of “DocumentDisplay.aspx”

Queen’s Bush Pub

We’re back at the Queen’s Bush Pub in Hanover this Thursday. Come by and see The Castros do a rare Acoustic Queen’s Bush Special! You might hear some of your old favourites from the first album…

And for anyone in the Toronto on Saturday, we will be taking the stage at The Silver Dollar and giving Spadina it’s first taste of the new album.

Just in case you didn’t hear, we didn’t make it past the Top 5 in CBC Searchlight contest. Once again a sincere thanks to everyone who voted. It was a wild ride and definitely spread our sound to new places.


Thanks to everyone who has been voting for us in the CBC Searchlight contest!  We’re down to the top 5 so keep voting and tell everyone you know to keep voting and if they aren’t already voting then start voting!  Just reminding you that everyone can vote once per day per device, so if you have a computer and a phone, vote on both of them!  Here’s the link again:

We also wanna say thanks to everyone who came out to the Forum on the weekend.  It was a blast!  Thanks also to Johnny at the Forum and Bruce and everyone else who helped out with the show!  If you missed us in Hanover, come on over to Gilley’s Feedlot in Kincardine on Friday March 8 for round two of our So Long Ontario Album Release.


Forum tonight

I hope everyone is coming out to the forum tonight for our hometown album release. Celebrate our second album by getting down to some live and LOUD local music.
And to all who have been voting, thank you! We find out tomorrow if we’re in or out.

New Album Bitches!!!

Well it’s customary when you put out an album to get down and dirty to it, so we’re putting on two shows for you dancing pleasure. One at the world renowned Forum In Hanover On March 2nd, and one at our favourite Kincardine bar, Gillies!  We’ve got stickers, posters, shirts and of course albums available.